Our product line is simple.

Our oil comes from olives that are hand picked. The trees from which our olives are harvested are from a large co-op of farmers who only raise organic olives.

The soil, trees, growing process, etc. meet the strictest of Italian agricultural standards. The way in which our product is harvested and pressed within 48 hours of picking is consistent with the standards of “extra virgin”according to the International Olive Oil Council. There is never a heat process, blending, or additives of any sort commingled in our product. The ancient trees and perfect soil acidity of these particular olives coupled with caring farming practices, makes “Vita Bella Gold” one of the finest olive oils on the planet.

Unlike the crystal clear supermarket blends, “Vita Bella Gold” may appear a bit cloudy. This is due to the fact that more of the olive's original sediment, nutrients, and plant life remain to give you the maximum antioxidant type health benefits that nature intended.

Taste the difference! Select from our GOLD or
GOURMET Olive Oils today. For more information or to order Vita Bella Olive Oil Products call 570.215.0190